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Wholistic World Vision's charitable programme and annual Appeal

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Wholistic World


"God save us from religions!"

A Global Communications Network for Planetary Transformation
through Spiritual Re-education


"Wholistic World Vision was born with the Christ Light for a supreme purpose beyond anything which we even now can visualise. Our aim is the restoration of the planet and the purification of the soul of man. Those working for this cause are ambassadors of a new Universal consciousness leading to a world consensus through harmony." Mahatma Gandhi 1990

Since this noble inspiration was first channeled in 1990 (from the grave!), Wholistic World Vision has indeed developed into a global communications network attracting to it on all continents those who resonate with its aims and who take full personal responsibility for turning this vision into a practical reality.

In his lifetime, Gandhi was quoted as saying:
"If my faith burns bright, as I hope it will, even if I stand alone,  
I shall be alive in the grave and what is more SPEAKING FROM IT!"

Rising out of Chaos by Simon Peter FullerRising out of Chaos: the New Heaven and the new Earth by Simon Peter Fuller
Revelation III The restored missing 8 chapters of St. John's Revelations - "the 3rd Book of the Apocalypse" - the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness
Aquarian Cross
The Aquarian Cross - Grail symbol of the Second coming of Christ consciousness
Simon Peter FullerAbout Simon Peter Fuller - founder of Wholistic World Vision

The 7 Planetary Chakras and
12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem

Earth chakras

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Wholistic World Vision's charitable programme and annual appeal 2022

Wholistic World Vision - Charter and Objectives

Brief historical summary of Wholistic World Vision's global activities - key dates and events to 2022


Simon Peter Fuller's interviews on the Holistic Channel 

Titles: "Earth in transition" (1hr 12mins)
"The passage from duality to non-duality" (57 mins)

"Non-Duality: the final truth and ultimate understanding" (1hr 4 mins)

For more information about the Holistic Channel go to our Links page


Articles by
Simon Peter Fuller:
Introduction to Wholistic World Vision - article commissioned by Odyssey Magazine, South Africa, July 2005
Where Christ and Christianity parted company

Introduction to Revelation III
The restored missing 8 chapters of St. John's Revelations

Wholistic World Vision's presentation at the Istanbul Peace Conference - 1st November 2015

Simon Peter interviewed live from Sri Lanka on radio Woking, UK (22nd November 2015) - 50 mins into the 2nd hour of the show.

Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of Wholistic World Vision

Angel in cloud

Angel in the cloud - after raising the Aquarian Cross on Sri Pada, Sri Lanka.

Avebury, UK stone circle - Photograph courtesy SacredSites.com


Montsegur, France


Wholistic World Vision Spiritual Powersite Tours.

Wholistic World Vision's new home base is established in Asia rather than the UK from 2012 onwards, so our powersite tours can only be offered for complete groups with minimum numbers sufficient to cover our long distance airfares. Please see sample itineraries on this site and quotations can be given for any special requests worldwide. Our Rainbow Tours operation in Sri Lanka runs year round on the island regardless of numbers.
Spiritual tours in Sri Lanka: 'The Resplendent Isle' Round island tour (anytime) Sri Lanka sacred powersites tour.
NEW UK's "Peak District" - The Heartland of England. Tours currently being led by Wholistic World Vision associate, Andrea Selfridge.
Other sacred powersite tours available. See our tours page.

The Tholos Temple, Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, Delphi
  The Tholos Temple, Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, Delphi - Photograph courtesy



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