One year later in this ever more bizarre world of ours and the situation for the Wholistic World Vision charity hasn't changed, so I am mainly repeating much of last year's
introduction as it's still entirely relevant. Some of us try to honour, respect and preserve human life here on Earth, while others (few in number but exceptionally powerful)
are now very openly doing the EXACT OPPOSITE by either destroying or totally controlling as much of it as possible. Religious texts guide us to "feed and support the
frail and poor and comfort those who suffer". Where do you stand at this the most pivotal focal point in all of human history?


Looking back at last year's Appeal we stated: "... and fortitude to handle what likely will be an explosive 2021"! Prophetic or what! It needs to be stated very clearly that
any hardships felt in the (once!) prosperous 1st world are hugely amplified here in the already poor 3rd world, where a large part of the population live hand to mouth
day by day using cash, and any interruptions (like lockdowns/quarantines etc) can quite literally mean rapid starvation. AND - according to official statistical projections
the serious disruptions in supply chains already guarantees millions of imminent deaths in the world's most vulnerable regions. Although Wholistic World Vision has
until now been mainly involved in (non state) educational support and improvement of building structures to afford some measure of dignity to the inmates, it's likely - in
view of the utterly disastrous and sudden destruction of the global economy - that food support may well be top of our priorities in the coming year (2022).

Funds can be used to buy bulk supplies of crucial items, which Wholistic World Vision will then distribute based on local direction/guidance about the most vulnerable
and government unsupported locations in and around Kandy.

Since we are all "one in consciousness" there is no "other"! Therefore logically by giving we only really give to ourselves! The issue is then do we love and honour
ourselves enough to give freely to ourselves or do we hold back and deprive ourselves? The ancient system of tithing 10% of our annual income given freely is based
on this principle and of course once released from the fear of lack, the energy is freed up for abundance to flow! So, why not create abundance and show love for
yourself by giving?! This certainly sets the appropriate Aquarian vibe of "community and sharing" for the new Earth now being (very painfully!) birthed!

"While we do our good works let us remember that the real solution lies in a world where charity is unnecessary". Chinua Achebe
"The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer". Mahatma Gandhi
"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully everyone is blessed". Maya Angelou

As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause (rare indeed these days
with established charities taking huge admin rake offs and even abusing those they are meant to be "rescuing"!) Here at Wholistic World Vision we just get on with the
job of passing ALL your contributions direct to those who benefit from them - with no other agendas!

The 2021 Appeal raised 5,040 UK sterling pounds (28 donors) + 2,530 Australian dollars (9 donors)

Distribution was as follows:

INDIA: Contribution to Tapovan made towards general running expenses after the huge challenges of the 7 year severe drought. The latest monsoon was at last plentiful! Last year Bruce faced an unexpected health crisis with a malignant facial skin melanoma - Wholistic World Vision supporters who had visited Tapovan in the past were very generous in their direct support towards his expenses etc. Happily, the operations were a success and we pray they thwarted the spread. .

SRI LANKA: Hard to imagine that abundant and fertile Mother Lanka might not be able to feed her children! Logistically the landmass can easily support the current population (22 million), IF distribution is properly managed rather than in the hands of particularly venal, corrupt and usually clueless local politicians with their remarkable skills of screwing up and disrupting everything!! Now 70+ years after the British left, this now totally bankrupt and vastly indebted (yet naturally rich!) island faces its worst crisis ever - across the board. At least so far younger children have not been injected and a recent Supreme Court ruling makes it clear that these lethal jabs are voluntary here and NOT mandatory. Lets hope that the very poor TEA community of mainly exploited Tamil Tea pickers will not be coerced at local level (as most of the country's population has been so far).

1) The TEA Project. The Food & Nutrition programme  - as of December 2021. See also: The TEA project - food support pdf

New uniforms for the kids at Auxilia when starting the (very disrupted) 2021 school year. This is a small educational project among poor families near Kandy that we have supported in the past and is run by the dedicated and very determined Ms Aylanee - the solo initiative of a local woman in her retirement from a career abroad.

Wholistic World Vision also organised food drops in Kandy during the lockdowns - small local shopkeepers knew the worst off in the communities and directed us accordingly! Example below with my gardener Wasana at home sorting the dry rations into gift packs.

Other funds were used for donating small sums that made a huge difference to helpless people trying to get back on their feet after some misfortune. Again this year,
due to challenging local circumstances, we have held back an emergency amount until fresh funds reach us!

Michael Berkeley has again very kindly agreed to coordinate donations in UK and to transfer them all together to save bank fees! Please contact him on: - and he will supply the relevant bank account details for your donations (same account as last year if you donated in this way, but please advise him so we can coordinate an accurate donor list).

Those in Australia wishing to contribute please pay into our account in Perth WA: Wholistic World Vision Australia:  10103891. BSB:  066125 Please at the same time advise Colleen Shaw (Wholistic World Vision coordinator in Perth) so that we have an accurate donor list: Anyone preferring to donate direct to Wholistic World Vision can do so using various methods of international money transfer - please contact us for more information:


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