"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another!" Charles Dickens.

As always we wish our many readers worldwide a Merry Festive Season - and an uplifting 2017!

Having read again our introductory paragraph from last year, there seems no need to alter it. In fact, as events have turned out, there is even more need to awaken humanity to: "the ruthless, power hungry and seemingly invincible, small ruling elite of psychopaths that clearly states it has no need of the vast majority of humanity - calling them "useless eaters" - and actively seeking their elimination through zombie programming of endless lies, poisons, pollution at all levels and warfare". What to do? It is as it is and works out as "it" needs to - as we often point out. It's a seemingly simplistic statement of the obvious, but actually a profound realisation once the non-dual reality and implications of Unity consciousness have been "clearly seen." We can only follow our inner guidance and stand for what we believe in while making our individual contributions by "being the change we want to see in others". Tithing our wealth and making charitable contributions at least demonstrates our open-heartedness and raises the overall critical mass vibrational levels prevailing on Earth that will, by example, eventually produce a more egalitarian and loving society.

We wish our associates and readers a Merry Festive Season (2016) and an enlightening upcoming year as  these "End Times" reveal ever more uncomfortable Truths that can no longer be suppressed!

In launching the new Wholistic World Vision annual appeal, let our focus be on others less fortunate than ourselves and see how we can best support those in real need  - not hard in the developing world where I now live, I can assure you! For some years Wholistic World Vision has run successful appeals to assist various worthy projects that are helping poorer people to help themselves in both Sri Lanka and India.

As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE for me to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause through my own hands (rare indeed these days!)

Distribution during 2016 was as follows:


The Australian funds all went to support the Tapovan primary school and other needs of the Agni Hotra Fire Centre.


29th November 2016

Dear Peter,

Here are some more details about the proposed well project. This year the scanty rains have left us with a situation where at the end of the monsoon all our wells are still EMPTY -  bar one, i. e. the 600ft bore well. I have never seen this in the 20 years I have spent here. We are facing a very difficult summer next year for our expanding community of 7 familes, including 15 adults and 5 children along with a school of nealy 200 pupils and also our 25 cows. We will have to rely on water from the local lake both for drinking and the gardens. But we will not be allowed to pump water directly from the lake as we have done in previous years as this lake services 8 to 10 surrounding villages and the priority will be for drinking water only for these villages. So the only solution now left to us is to dig a well on the periphery of the lake. We will be able to pump water from this well directly to Tapovan using the 2 km pipeline which we constructed several years ago with the generous past assistance of  WWV. We have already been granted government approval for this well, but we never expected the water situation to become as critical as this. We need to dig to about 60 feet (should be sufficient since water should be very close the the surface) and then we will need to construct a 10 to 12 feet concrete wall around the top of the well to keep it sediment free when the next water starts flowing into the lake. Total cost for this project is estimated at US$ 3,000. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated!

You are certainly right about chaos upon chaos after Modi's [Modi Narendra, India's Prime Minister] assault on black money. Now we are really struggling as there is a limit on ATM transactions of Rs2000 at a time. I hope this move will bear fruit, but I have my doubts.

Love from Bruce and Anne.

Recent pics from Tapovan, in Maharastra, India  - the very special farm that is the global Centre for the Agni Hotra Homa (healing) Fires:

Ginger crop Turmeric
Excellent ginger crop Turmeric crop
Moringa Three school buses
Moringa crop Three school buses
School assembly Yoga
School assembly Yoga

www homahealth.com


The balance of the funds collected supported this programme:

Our policy in recent years has been to support structural improvements in local institutions for the handicapped, orphans and abandoned children. Food can always be provided locally and is generally not lacking in this fertile and abundant (Goddess!) land. Our aim has been to offer dignity to poor and afflicted people by providing improved and hygenic facilites including kitchens, ablutions, accommodation etc.  This also gives employment to deserving local tradesmen and labourers, making it a "win, win" all round.

In this way, we supported an Orphanage/Sanctuary for abused/rejected girls near Kandy, while also improving their security against local "male pests"! This year we supported the Kandy Centre for Handicapped by contibuting to their Micro-loan programme, which helps new recipients of limbs after their mishap to regain financial independence through investment in simple business startups. We paid for an eye cataract operation for the elderly grandmother who supplies me with dried cowdung cakes for the daily Agni Hotra fire focus!

We also supported an inspiring healer/psychic called Radha and the private Buddhist Temple from which she operates.  The donation supported a new toilet for the public at the Temple and is funding her trips and ceremonies (pujas) around the island with food and clothing to groups who can't afford to cover her expenses. She is a rare "Buddhist in action", who actually cares for the needy and distressed on an islandwide basis, while also offering very accurate "guidance" from Spirit sources (from which I myself have benefitted!). I also have the honour of giving  English conversation lessons to her remarkable son, Walti (aged 16), who qualified as a classical Kandy Dancer at 12 and now initiates others in these ancient mysteries! I'm sure I learn more from him and his remarkable innate wisdom than he does English from me. Finally, we also contributed to the re-housing project (pic below) of Noni - a domestic servant of other local British residents -  whose simple mud abode and all possessions (including her cow) were swept away in the floods earlier in the year  leaving her with absolutely nothing. Her new sanctuary should be completed in the early New Year and her deep gratitude to all who supported her in her hour of extreme need is palpable!

Noni's new abode Noni's new home
Noni's new abode taking shape after after all her possessions were swept away in floods earlier in the year!

Limb donation recipients
Recipients of limbs and micro-loans donated by WWV at the Kandy Handicapped centre, Sri Lanka.

All funds collected by us are, have been and always will be properly and effectively used directly on the ground - without any wastage. So, I hope you will continue to support this work and please SPREAD the word. Donations are usually through the same small group of Wholistic World Vision associates - but with YOUR help we can expand it and help more people in need. Any sum is welcome and remember that ALL hard currency goes a long way in the 3rd world!

with much gratitude and love,
Simon Peter
Founder, Wholistic World Vision

Those wishing to make contributions may do so anytime by contacting Wholistic World Vision direct for more details on email: simonpeter@wwv.me.uk

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