"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another!" Charles Dickens.

Wishing all our list members and Wholistic World Vision associates a happy Solstice (today!), Christ-mas and a revealing, truth-filled 2019 (including the clean cut Brexit voted for in the UK!)

On a spiritual note, please DO remember that Wholistic World Vision was actually founded as a direct result of the spirit-guided work involved in the 1990s anchoring of the New Jerusalem (William Blake's vision) through the Aeon Shift Ritual and the Aquarian Cross. That vision does NOT embrace the control and whims of unelected Eurocrats trying (and now thank goodness failing utterly!) to create the Globalist One World Government prototype for which the current undemocratic "EU" is designed!  Yes, a new trading club by all means - ALL are agreed on that and indeed many of us voted for it in the 1970s!

As always our focus at this "giving" time of year is on others less fortunate than ourselves and to see how best to support those in real need.

"Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist." -  Paula Gunn Allen

Since we are all "one in consciousness" (the only ultimate reality) there is no "other", so by giving we only really give to ourselves! The question is then do we love and honour ourselves enough to give freely to ourselves or do we hold back and deprive ourselves? The ancient system of tithing 10% of our annual income given freely is based on this principle and of course once released from the fear of lack, the energy is freed up for abundance to flow! So, why not give and show love for yourself?!

For some years Wholistic World Vision has run successful appeals to assist various small local projects that help the poorest in the developing world to sustain themselves and also to give some dignity to institutionalised inmates. As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE for me to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause through my own hands (rare indeed these days!) And do please remember the scandalous exposures in 2018 of unsuitable persons running some of the famous charities mishandling finances and abusing those in their care. Here at Wholistic World Vision we just get on with the job of passing ALL your contributions direct to those who benefit from them  - with no other agendas!

The 2017/18 Appeal raised 3,385 UK sterling pounds (21 donors) + 2,155 Australian $ (12 donors)

Distribution during 2018 was as follows:

INDIA: A$700 of the Australian funds went to buy a second hand water bowser/tanker trailer to bring in vital supplies (at heavy cost) for the Agni Hotra Fires Centre at Tapovan. Recently, their main supplier has been requisitioned by the government for priority road building instead, meaning that Tapovan has had to sell most of their beloved herd of cows. Even with only 13 left (just enough to continue the Agni Hotra fires) it will still be a challenge to buy them enough fodder going into 2019. So we will contribute towards this emergency.

Recent letter from Tapovan:

"There was regular rain all across Maharashtra, but our district and several others did not receive the drenching rain which was necessary to reverse the years of drought. Now the government has declared 151 municipalities drought affected - our's included. You are right about the difficulties in promoting Agni Hotra when we are not getting support from Nature. Definitely a challenge! And yes, Tapovan school is still growing and the children are now participating in the 24 hour fire disciplines: http://tapovan.co/yymm-program-continues-in-tapovan-school/ Our next biggest connected challenge is fodder for our cows, which we have had to reduce from around 40 (at least they went to good homes) to only 13 now  - the bare minimum to maintain the fires. But we still need to feed and water them, so any help with fodder would be much appreciated - again at a premium in our area. We have sufficient stocks till January, but then will need more supplies to see us through the summer. Love from Anne, Bruce and the Tapovan team." www.tapovan.co/

SOUTH AFRICA: Robin Beck, the Wholistic World Vision publisher of "Rising out of Chaos" in Cape Town, very nearly ran out of water altogether during the recent extreme shortage there and since his support for Wholistic World Vision made the global mission with the Aquarian Cross possible, we decided to contribute a water butt, so that they will in future be independent of the mains supply.

SRI LANKA: We continue to support structural improvements with the aim of offering dignity to really poor and afflicted people by providing improved and hygienic facilities including kitchens, roofs, ablutions and waterproof accommodation in general.

1) Tamarind Gardens Farm - (see our last Appeal for more details). https://www.facebook.com/tamarindgardenshomestay/

Contribution to Ayesha and Nalin for their inspirational work supporting their local impoverished community near Kandy. Some of their expenses:

5 children on our monthly (live in) catering scholarship program.
Food and Nutrition camp with health check for mothers.
Revision material for 11+ children. Shoe vouchers for 20 children.
Local village carnival  - some rare entertainment for very appreciative village kids!
Group of unemployed women making garments/handicrafts/incense etc to support their community. Rainbow Tours commissioned them to make our new "souvenir bags" given to each of our (very appreciative!) tour guests!

2) Building new WC block for the youngest children in a large and struggling nearby school.

3) Emergency medical assistance and payment towards commode for quadriplegic child.

4) Contributing to the reconstruction of 3 different collapsing homes to support hard pressed, widowed mothers of very poor and large families.

5) Previous support projects are also being monitored so that repairs and further upgrades are provided as required.

Any sum is welcome and remember ALL hard currency goes a long way in the developing world! Here we are in the middle of a huge (emerging market and political) currency devaluation crisis with an almost 20% LKR depreciation to date against most hard currencies!! This means of course that your money goes even further...

Michael Berkeley (Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK) has again very kindly agreed to coordinate donations in the UK and send them altogether in one transfer as before to save money. Please contact him on:  berkeleyfamily@tiscali.co.uk - and he will supply the relevant bank account details for your donations.

Those in Australia wishing to contribute please as usual contact Colleen Shaw (Wholistic World Vision coordinator in Perth) email:  colleen@campaignbrief.com

Anyone preferring to donate direct can do so using various methods of international money transfer - please contact Wholistic World Vision for more information:  simonpeter@wwv.me.uk

With much gratitude and love,
In the ONE,
Simon Peter
Founder, Wholistic World Vision

"If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way." - Buddha

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - Mohammed Ali


Water tank Tapovan tanker
Capetown water tank Tapovan tanker
Tapovan school New roof, Sri Lanka
Tapovan school New roof, Sri Lanka
Rainbow tours souvenir bags Sri Lanka kids Carnival
Rainbow tours souvenir bags Sri Lanka kids Carnival

Sorry, missed these pics from Wholistic World Vision Appeal mail out!

Amptiya house support

1) House with the new roof (see above) replaces this hovel  (Hello), where a family of 5 tried to live in 1 room (if it wasn't raining - then moved in with neighbours!).

New school loos

2) The Wholistic World Vision new kids loo block at the school with the 2 friends who supervised the project.

School presentation

3) Simon Peter Fuller/Wholistic World Vision recently honoured at the school Assembly and giving out the awards for exam results with the headmaster.


4) Plaque presented to Simon Peter Fuller/Wholistic World Vision by the school in thanks for the new WC block.

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