"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another!" Charles Dickens.

We wish our members and associates deep inner peace in 2018 as "outer" peace will indeed be a rare commodity during the "End Times" revelations now emerging!

Once again we focus on others less fortunate than ourselves and see how we can best support those in real need. Here in Sri Lanka grinding poverty and lack of opportunity for the underclass is "in your face" on a daily basis and certainly makes one realise just how privileged nearly everyone is in the developed world - and, sadly, all too often ungrateful and unaware of the plight of most humans on this planet .

For some years Wholistic World Vision has run successful appeals to assist various small local projects that help poor people to sustain themselves and also to give some dignity to institutionalised inmates.

As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE for me to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause through my own hands (rare indeed these days!)

Distribution during 2017 was as follows:

INDIA: The Australian funds all went to support the Tapovan primary school and other needs of the Agni Hotra Fire Centre, including attempting to sink an even deeper Well. Unfortunately, the monsoons have failed SO badly in central Maharastra in recent years and with the local lake (main water source) and their own Wells now almost dry, the prospects for Tapovan will be dire indeed if by April no miracle intervenes. ( Add to your healing and prayer lists please!

Recent letter from Tapovan:

"Yes, Peter. The whole situation is very discouraging. But now is the time when many are being tested. I still believe that Tapovan will play a big role in the "Last Days". Maybe this is testing our mettle to see if we are ready to stay the course. Anne and I are still totally committed, and of course we'll stay on till the very end. But it is very hard for Sanjay (local manager), who has also made a huge commitment here, to see so much of our work together now in jeopardy. I still have utmost faith in the fire and I know that the 'miracles' are on the horizon. Thanks once again for the extremely generous help and support we have received over the many years from your Wholistic World Vision group. Wishing you all a wonder-filled New Year! Hoping and praying that this time next year we'll have some of those miracles to report.

Lots of love, Bruce and Anne and the whole Tapovan team"

SRI LANKA: Our policy in recent years has been to support structural improvements in local institutions for the handicapped, elderly, orphans and abandoned children. Our aim has been to offer dignity to poor and afflicted people by providing improved and hygienic facilities including kitchens, ablutions, accommodation etc. This also gives employment to deserving local tradesmen and labourers, making it a "win, win" all round .

1) This year we are supporting a new local project called FONCA (Friends of Needy Children Association). Ayesha and Nalin are Sri Lankans who spent their working life in London, but have now returned to fulfil lifetime visions of supporting their local community. A few years ago they bought a property overlooking the Victoria Lake near Kandy, where they built a small hotel/Homestay called "Tamarind Gardens" attracting International "Foodies" as Nalin is a top chef! The rest of the land has been allocated to a farm that is home to a small herd of beautiful and very much loved Jersey cows - clotted cream and fresh baked scones with strawberry jam here to rival anything Devon, plus many other delights from Nalin's kitchen!! There is also a plan to provide a small pre-school for the kids of a very underprivileged local mining community, who would otherwise have no education at all. Wholistic World Vision is providing some funding for the initial stages of construction and administration (funds will be allocated in early 2018 and hopefully with this Appeal more will be added to really help get it started). They have many other projects in mind (like opening a cafe to help train unemployed local youth in the hospitality industry), but meantime supply local friends and supporters with the finest quality (high vibe!) milk, butter, cheeses and clotted cream).

2) We continue our support for the Kandy Centre for Handicapped by again contributing to their Micro-loan programme, which helps new recipients of limbs after their mishap to regain financial independence through investment in simple business startups.

3) Serious floods and landslides hit the south west part of the island earlier in the year (on the international news), while most of the island was still under drought conditions! Wholistic World Vision contributed to the disaster fund.

4) Wholistic World Vision made a contribution to the SHTREE organisation (means "woman" in Sinhalese), which - among much else in community support for women and children - provides marketing skills and central sales venues for village women producing handicrafts at home. We helped with the painting and upgrading of their shop in Kandy.

5) We also continued to support the remarkable psychic Radha with her island wide mission to help in poverty stricken communities.

6) We are also helping a retirement/nursing home for the elderly, whose families are unable to support them. This year some fresh linen!

Previous support projects are also being monitored so that repairs and further upgrades can be provided as required.

Any sum is welcome and remember ALL hard currency goes a long way in the developing world!

with much gratitude and love,
Simon Peter
Founder, Wholistic World Vision

Those wishing to make contributions may do so anytime by contacting Wholistic World Vision direct for more details on email: simonpeter@wwv.me.uk

Donating a Micro loan cheque at the Kandy Handicapped Centre in Feb 2017 + Tamarind Gardens Farm, cuisine and handicraft projects  

Donating a micro loan cheque Local cattle

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