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Internet - the Aquarian Revolution

Free e-mail service worldwide


Wholistic World Vision offers a free email service worldwide. The network has developed as a result of connections made with like-minded people during the global travels of Simon Peter Fuller (founder) over the past 20 years, in which he has led geomantic powersite pilgrimages and given Talks, Workshops and Retreats in fulfillment of Wholistic World Vision's remit of Spiritual re-education and awakening. Wholistic World Vision is pioneering a truly Aquarian network of holistic thinking people without heirarchical control, dogma or cost - a collection of empowered people, who pursue their own Divine Blueprints and simply wish to share Truth while maintaining contact with others similarly motivated. We circulate information across the full spectrum of human activity and aspiration, specifically not available in the ever more tightly 'controlled' public media.

Please also note that we are not a "New Age love and light" forum! Wholistic World Vision works in the understanding that ALL is within the ONE and that every aspect of human activity needs to be observed. It is, of course, in the observation that what we call darkness is exposed to the light and transmuted. Dark conspiracies and agendas in which our world abounds exist only because most people fear, deny and try to disregard them or escape reality by calling them conspiracy "theories"!

New Age notions about not focusing on the negative because of attracting that energy are only valid for those still caught up in emotion and judgement. With spiritual maturity, we become detached from the 'external dramas' and 'inwardly balanced' enough to observe "the play of life" impartially. See more on "conspiracy theory" below.

With its vast information bank, the Internet can be seen rather like a physical representation of the Akashic record here on Earth and it has the potential to unite us all now that - for the first time ever! - Priests and Politicians no longer control that flow.


1) Various individuals kindly (and in service) forward messages originating with Wholistic World Vision UK to the Wholistic World Vision lists in their own countries. When applying to join please state clearly your country (not always obvious from email addresses!) and deal direct with your representative for subsequent address changes and unsubscribing. Address other queries about material to UK - only if really essential please! We encourage the use of the "delete" button if you do not resonate with any particular material!

2) The purpose of this exercise is ACTIVE NETWORKING to spread information with which you resonate and ask others to pass it on. That way a valuable article reaches millions within days and causes major shifts in consciousness in entire countries. eg in the years since 9/11, the USA swung decisively away from their 'government' largely as a result of the barrage of emails from the rest of the world showing more 'open' Americans exactly what is happening there!

3) We encourage submission of holistic articles or other info you consider important/inspiring. Inevitably these days in our 'smoke and mirrors' 3D reality with attempts by certain elements within humanity at total control and removal of civil liberties (as prophesied for these times), a proportion of the material does necessarily concern the exposure of these uncomfortable agendas. The purpose is NOT to engender fear, but to search for the Truth behind what is publicly presented. We recommend simply 'filing' the information away mentally if it resonates (without judgement or emotion if possible!) while getting on with our own daily purpose, yet knowing the precise details of the ordained final struggle between opposing forces within duality as this cycle draws to a climax by 2012. Keep your messages short please and as email text (no attachments, but website references are useful for further reading) NB Readers's time and attention spans are often very limited!

4) We make our best efforts to check and verify information submitted, but with a busy schedule and many other activities to attend to, perfection cannot be guaranteed! Go by your own intuition, read the material consciously rather than emotionally and simply delete (rather than argue about) what doesn't resonate with you. Should you feel irritated by the general tenor of the material, you are likely to be at a different level of consciousness and are advised to unsubscribe. There are many other networks to join that might better suit your current worldview.

5) Conspiracy Theory. The world of duality in which we find ourselves is itself a conspiracy with opposing polarities always attacking each other - fear and control vs love & freedom. For millennia all "authority" - political and religious - has succeeded in manipulating and controlling the masses and then enshrined its achievements by leaving false accounts of "his-story" written with scant regard for truth. This is fact and not theory. Now we have reached "End Times", when ALL Truth is to be revealed and every institution exposed, it may indeed be hard (even impossible) for those in an unawakened state of consciousness - and still believing in the system into which they have been brainwashed - to realize that they are the actual victims of conspiracy themselves! Only those thinking outside 'the box' and 'joining up the dots' are capable of assimilating any level of genuine Truth these days - and they still represent a tiny minority. Paradoxically, meantime, the few dedicated to revealing Truth are castigated as "conspiracy theorists"! "At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" George Orwell.

6) Having joined the Wholistic World Vision network and after absorbing our website or the book 'Rising out of Chaos', we assume you are in resonance with our universal aims and objectives and in return for the considerable effort of providing this free service, we feel it reasonable to request that you show an active interest in the Wholistic World Vision programmes regularly circulated (ie Talks, Workshops, Retreats, Powersite pilgrimage tours, global mindlinks, charitable appeals etc) and either participate in, support or network them. Networking our website also helps a lot and reciprocal weblinks are welcomed with other recommended holistic sites. Theresa Dunford in Scotland is our new Web Mistress and she has just rebuilt and revitalising the site, so please make a point of visiting us regularly (with feedback!) to keep up with the changing programmes offered.

Wholistic World Vision's origins form a unique and well documented historical story with relevance for all humanity and our planet, and many are inspired worldwide by the details of what has been manifested onto the Earthplane through our partnership with the Higher Dimensions.

Welcome to Wholistic World Vision and enjoy the connection. Together we can make a difference! June 2007

If you wish to participate and undertake to commit to onward networking (if you resonate with material received), then please email us to be placed on our lists. 
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