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The following guidance notes are inspired by the same source as the main text, and are intended to promote a better understanding of the divine inspiration overlighting this work.
Chapter 1

1. Seven spirits represent the first seven Christ-inspired communities in Asia minor (listed in Ch 7 v 1). Each received part of the complete Book of Revelations, including this work, in the form of letters for safekeeping. 'Kopos' is the early Greek word for work/labour, and 'Dynamis' means spiritual path. Spiritual work is thus seen as a 'calling', rather than mere labour and represents a release from the yoke with which mundane work is usually associated.

2. 'Having the ear' is a reference to the subtle communication known as 'channelling' between the spirit of the author of the Book of Revelations and his pupil still incarnate on Earth, John the Elder.

3 John, in spirit, is guided to complete the Revelations vision by transmitting this, the summary of the whole work including the Second Coming prophecy, to his pupil in the flesh. John wrote the first two books of the Revelation himself, but was unable personally to complete the vision he had received about the 3rd book before he passed on.

4. The 'beast' denotes the worldly illusions of the flesh, while the Lamb refers to the higher levels of consciousness embodied by Jesus the Christ. The 'sign' is an emblem and after a battle, the victor traditionally laid the 'sign' of the vanquished down to show that it no longer held any power. Here, it does not mean that the beast lies down with the Lamb, but that the beast is slain and will never rise again, as his symbolic emblem is removed by the Lamb. The trumpet is the voice of proclamation that sounded when the Aquarian Cross, made in old Jerusalem, was raised on Glastonbury Tor at midday April 21st, 1990.

5. New Jerusalem signifies a higher dimensional state of awareness which is usually described as an archetypal 'city of light'. Glastonbury Tor has a special historical association with the Second Coming of the Christ consciousness and many feel that the New Jerusalem has its initial Earthly anchor point there. The 'twelve foundations' is a symbol of the communion between the higher and lower realms and this was represented by those who gathered that day on Glastonbury Tor. All those in the vision will be the vehicles for communicating spiritual truth at this time of 'Second Coming'.

6. The thirteenth, or Cross bearer, embodies the Christ consciousness. Some are destined by past reincarnational associations with the Master Jesus to participate in the work of raising consciousness - the 7. Others, though not historically connected, are not excluded either and they are those now 'chosen' to join the vision - the 5. 'Rod of gold' means the 'city's' value will be measured by the high quality of work performed there. Precious stone denotes 'jewels of wisdom' that represent not only the word, but all associated energies.

7. The 'city' will be recognised by everyone. Limitless energy will be available to this place and the spiritual light will shine, so that no other form of light will be needed. Peace will come to all nations.

8. All will be seen for what they are and those not of the light will be identified by the clearly visible contamination of their subtle energy bodies. The enlightened among nations will gather at the throne of God in the city of New Jerusalem. 'Seed of iron' means without life.

9. Our third eyes will be opened to psychic perception. Aristeas - an old Testament reference to one who remained steadfast, when all others denied the truth. One of many warnings not to change the received word, in order that people now seeking genuine spiritual truth are not misled again.

10. Those who accept the word will be raised in consciousness, while those denying it must accept the dire consequences described here. The 'frog' is a reference to the plagues of Egypt.

11. A description of New Jerusalem and higher dimensional consciousness. People will be united by the common bond of the one truth they all share.

12 'Priests of the Earth' - spiritually ignorant religious officials incapable of comprehending higher dimensional reality. The '144.000' are those souls originally initiated as the 12,000 in each of the twelve tribes of Israel. They now awaken spiritually and become the catalyst for raising mass human consciousness through critical mass. The words of priests may sound inspired, but as they have no truth, they cannot sustain the inner spirit.

13. The true word will be revealed through 'Spirit', but the priests and their flock are too spiritually blind to recognise it and will remain trapped in the sterile dogma of the 'the defiled word - the misinterpreted word of the bible.

14. Once truth is released, it will not be silenced again. Any religious priest still persisting in the distortion, will not participate in the general upliftment of consciousness.

Chapter 2

1. The seven Archangels select John as the only one found worthy at that time to receive the divine word and convey this prophecy.

2. The 'right hand' is usually the 'working' hand and represents the outworking of intellect. John's faith ensures he will be 'raised'.

3. Written on both sides' means full of knowledge in the sense that all wisdom is to be given at this time. This great vision of spiritual upliftment is entrusted to the seven communities, which are charged to protect its original purity.

4. 'Breaking the seal' is releasing information at the appropriate time. 'New song' means the restored knowledge of this prophecy. The 'red half' is bloodstained communism, which forbade spiritual teaching. The 'white half' represents Christianity which is equated with capitalism, greed and conquest. Led by the church, it used 'the word' with utmost hypocrisy to serve its own selfish, political and commercial ends.

5. The 'red horse' is communism and the new flow of cleansing blood will herald rapidly changing spiritual concepts as it transmutes the old order. The horse represents fast movement with a rider (leader) who is a messenger of peace.

6. The black nations of the 'third world' are badly treated by the industrialised nations, who refuse to share properly. Karmic judgement will be made on those responsible exactly according to the measure of deprivation they have inflicted.

7. A 'choinix' is an ancient measurement. This describes the practice of usury, which is receiving money without labour through bank interest. Money will cease as an exchange mechanism and cause
much distress.

8. Reference to 'global warming'. Essentials on the planet will become scarce.

9. Death is 'Pale' and without life-force. Disease and misery are rampant. Even the spirit realms are disturbed by occurrences now on earth, knowing that they themselves are due to reincarnate here.

10. God knows not 'death', as it is man's own creation. Conditions on earth now are the consequences of our misuse of freewill.

11. This refers to man's misuse of energy and technology. He will not find God through them, but only make more terror on Earth. Unbridled intellect and scientific knowledge applied without wisdom are among the main causes of our misfortune.

12. Humanity will be tested in this time.

13. The gathering of light at Glastonbury during the declaration of the New Jerusalem. The Lamb and the reincarnated souls of martyrs now return to be one with humanity in the new light on planet Earth.

14. The martyrs are already purified and now volunteer to spread the word once more. This also includes those in past lives who were once persecuted for their work with spirit.

15. Refers to the gathering of the 144.000 critical mass, which triggers the transformation of consciousness at this time. We shall recognise each other as 'light', beyond all illusory divisions.

16. An indication of the inevitable physical and spiritual changes coming now. Those in the vision will need to hold to their convictions to survive.

17. There is much unusual activity in the heavens and consequently the seasons become unpredictable.

18. The distorted teachings of religious priests cause dysfunctional thinking and behaviour among humanity, which in turn has dire consequences for the Earth and our Universe. There can be no effective cleansing on the Earth until there is a restoration of spiritual truth.

19. This is the vision of the moment when the light touched Glastonbury Tor on April 21st, 1990 and is also a reaffirmation of the divine plan to support mankind.

20. This emphasises that it is the actual EXPRESSION here in the flesh of unconditional LOVE that is the ONLY key to accessing the next dimension known as Heaven. It is the Love vibration alone that has the ability to raise the vibratory frequencies of our physical bodies.

21. This refers to the period of deep meditation after the Cross was raised and is an understanding of the peace when heaven and earth are united.

22. Jesus, as an individual being distinct from the 'Christ' is the seventh angel and hands down universal knowledge to the disciples of the light at this, the time of his 'Second Coming' in spirit. These are not physical manifestations, but symbols of the purity of the light that entered the planet as the Cross was raised.

24. The re-birthing of the Earth.

25. The seven archangels are directed to different parts of the Earth to lead the nations to light.

Chapter 3

1 & 2. This is an explanation of the subtle process used by spirit over the aeons in all known civilisations to channel wisdom and guidance into the conduct of human affairs.

3. The word needs to be studied for hidden meaning.

4. Reference to our free choice within the third dimension of duality in which we currently live and learn our lessons.

5 & 6. An example of polarity. All that is negative is also positive and vice versa, but it requires a shift in the structure of our perception to realise it. In this way, we see that all things that are and ever have been remain the same. God permeates EVERY aspect of his/her creation regardless of whether we with our limited understanding perceive something as good or evil, right or wrong. We are asked NOT to judge, because it is through the interaction of opposites that we learn our lessons and grow spiritually here in the Earth School. ALL has been created specifically for our soul growth.

7. The angel saw that John was confused by this.

8 to 12. God created darkness to contrast with the light for our own growth, as we can only perceive the light by first experiencing the dark. Only careful discernment will protect us from enslavement to material illusion and spiritual distortion.

13 & 14. The female aspect of God known as 'Gaia' - the ancient Greek name for mother Earth at the time this book was written.

15. The consciousness of the living Earth IS 'the Mother of Creation' - the Goddess. She is the creative aspect of deity.

16. She will have dominion over all realms.

17. The Earth is not recognised as an aware Being and Mother of Creation until now, when the 'Last Days' of our decaying material reality are upon us.

18 & 19. The Earth mother is now in the process of birthing the next dimension of consciousness at the outworking of the divine will. or masculine principle of deity.

20. We have to give up material security and trust in the higher dimensional reality of our own spirit essence. This is an illustration of the true re-birth and the need to remain constantly open to spirit, despite wordly diversions.

21. Historically, we have not brought enlightenment to the Earth. Like everyone else born human, Jesus himself had to struggle with the temptations of matter and ego in order to demonstrate our individual potential to attain Christ consciousness while in the flesh.

Chapter 4

1, 2 & 3. The 'twelve' is a symbol for all those now opening to the new awareness. Many are still unsure. but with the restoration now of undistorted spiritual knowledge, they will be given clarity.

4. He raises their spiritual perception so they can again hear the guidance of the inner voice and fulfill their purpose on Earth. The Glastonbury ceremony symbolised this awakening.

6. Those in the vision become all knowing and all seeing.

7. Reference to the comet Austin in 1990. 'Known and unknown' refers to the spiritual Masters of the planet attracted by the light of the Second Coming.

8 - 12. The 144,000 are higher dimensional initiates. who have incarnated throughout the planet specifically at this time to lift human consciousness. They represent the minimum focus of energy capable of transmuting the negativity and spiritual ignorance currently permeating the human race (Critical mass). The realisation of the 'Christ within', has opened their hearts so that they now embody the Second Coming of the Christ consciousness as their living demonstration.

13. The Christ consciousness will now penetrate and transmute all remaining negativity on Earth. Love will replace fear as humans awaken to the truth that each of us is an expression of God and that, beyond the illusion of separation, we are in reality united as one consciousness in a 'safe, just and abundant' universe.

14. The portals to the fourth dimension are now open to all who wish to enter.

15. Heaven is drawn down onto Earth and merges with it. So is born the new Aquarian age. The declaration of Second Coming at Glastonbury in 1990 ended the old Piscean cycle. Now we enter the overlap period, when the inspirational energy overlighting the New Dispensation becomes established.

16. Although harsh and unforgiving language for our times, this is nevertheless an unequivocal statement. Those still persisting in separative rather than integrative thinking and behaviour must now face the consequences of being out of step with the next phase of mankind's evolutionary progress.

17. Those who persist in material delusion and its demands will realise their mistake too late. Having uttered so much negativity, they will find themselves trapped and unable to reach the light. 'Eternal darkness' or 'hell' represents a lower dimension of consciousness, where individual human soul expression can no longer be sustained. It would seem that failure to sufficiently maintain the inner spiritual light over many life times leads in this initiation to absorption into an inanimate energy force that only at some future stage starts a new evolutionary process. This is a description of 'the sorting of the wheat from the chaff' in the 'last days'.

Chapter 5

1. This is the authority for the Aquarian Cross being the symbol of Christ consciousness at Second Coming. The chapter is a teaching on how man abuses the gifts he has been given.

2. 'Bowls' are concepts of our consciousness and facets of our being at this time.

3. A description of nature in an undefiled state of purity before man interferes with her.

4. Ecology - Trees provide oxygen and wet conditions which stimulate growth.

5. Resources for building in the world of matter.

6. Transportation to enable man to distribute and share.

7. Arts and crafts for man to glorify the Divine.

8. Money and finance based on the purity of gold.

9. Intellect to discern truth and beauty.

11. The process of feeding ourselves from nature.

12. Only failure to share resources causes starvation and poverty on the Earth.

13. Large scale destruction of trees leads to pollution and disease.

14. If man tries to solve the problems he has created without spiritual awareness he will merely compound them and cause turmoil.

15. Failure to distribute - There is sufficient abundance to feed all on Earth, but through fear of each other, financial greed and hoarding, we become like locusts and cause famine. This leads to such absurdities as 'defence budgets' - a euphemism for arms manufacture and trading - and 'food mountains', while much of humanity starves.

16. Hoarding treasure - Art is the inspiration of God and is not a commodity to be traded commercially. If this approach to the Divine is denied through greed and selfish indulgence then the people starve spiritually.

17. Stock - markets and financial institutions. These are in the control of extravagantly paid and apparently wise people, who manipulate commodities, metals and finance for greed without any real understanding or benefit for mankind in general.

18. Through the disempowerment of the people and their own unbridled intellect, politicians and world leaders cause increasing chaos culminating in wars for which Armageddon is the archetype.

19. Mankind continually reincarnates without taking personal power or responsibility for self and thus repeats the same mistakes. Rulers become so used to domination through this pattern of mass self- disempowerment, that they do not recognise the ego imbalance they are creating within themselves lifetime after lifetime and continue to manipulate the masses into war.

20. Now, however, corrupt rulers and dictators, who have become slaves of negativity, fall from power in ever increasing numbers .

21 & 22. Spiritual truth is restored to the people and through self-empowerment based on the principles of unconditional love and sharing, they see the light and are set free. Wisdom will flow from their intuitive centre - the heart, symbolised by the golden sash.

Chapter 6

1 & 2. Confirmation by the author that the information he imparts here is a divine inspiration and an accurate prophecy.

3 & 4. Conventional Christianity still awaits a physical reappearance of Jesus and mourns the flesh image. It does not comprehend the spiritual significance of the Christ consciousness and is therefore incapable of understanding the event as a personal initiation open to all humans able to access the divinity of their own higher nature.

5. Spiritually unaware Christian priests lead the people astray by proclaiming 'Second Coming' as another 'Messianic mission'. Many individual teachers have come to initiate the planet and humanity in the past, but now is the time of testing to establish whether we each remember the lessons we have so often been taught and are living according to Universal Law.

6. A promise that there will be many unusual 'signs' (e.g. the Crop Circle phenomenon in UK) to enable ALL people to understand that a significant event is occurring in these final days of third dimensional reality. This is an opportunity for all to prepare themselves for the initiation through the Universal, as distinct from Christian, teachings of Jesus Christ. His spirit restores the purity of the teaching as the 7th angel (Ch 2 v 22). The fourth dimension on Earth is only open to those wishing to enter in love and live in harmony.

7. Resurrection is a mystery of God - here it is symbolised by the destruction of the physical Jerusalem and its current etheric reconstruction as a higher dimensional thought form. Such mysteries are the source of all wisdom.

8. So long as we don't doubt and despite being tested to the limit, all so choosing will be initiated into the new consciousness now prevailing on Earth.

9 - 12. This is a detailed reconfirmation of the all important reincarnational process to which everybody is subject on this planet. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was specifically enacted to prove that our individual consciousness survives the transition from flesh in tact. In spirit, it continues to 'dwell in many cities and mansions' beyond time i.e. to experience other dimensions of consciousness, as well as to frequently return to the Earth.

13. This denotes the equality of all nations and peoples.

14 & 15. A restatement of the Law of One (Christ consciousness), emphasising the qualifications of unconditional love and sharing necessary for participation in the new dispensation

16. The male/female polarity balance, first within ourselves and then externally between the sexes, is critical to the unfoldment of the plan.

17. A symbol for the male reproductive seed.

18. Unselfish human lovemaking, either leading to procreation or not as decided both consciously and at soul level by ALL the participants, is the essence and purest expression of the Divine. The energy produced in such an act is never wasted, whatever the outcome, as it always energises other aspects of our creativity. Understanding this, women are freed from reproductive enslavement and can choose to fulfill themselves in roles other than motherhood - rather critical on an overpopulated planet and a direct challenge to patriarchal disempowerment of women, particularly by the Roman church. In sexual union all creatures experience this exalted state and touch the Divine.

19 & 20. Christ consciousness can only be attained through the purity of unconditional love for one another. This is the path we are encouraged to follow in order to now experience the new level of consciousness described as 'Paradise and bliss'.

21. The abuse of love through selfish sexual gratification, having no divine foundation, leads to the seven plagues now starting to manifest on Earth.

22. Only those who have prepared themselves by expressing unconditional love without judging their fellows, will qualify for 'life eternal' in the higher dimensions.

Chapter 7

1 - 5. John's vision is witnessed by the seven communities. Knowing he is soon to pass into spirit. John is temporarily taken out of the body and, in an altered state of consciousness, is given this, THE PROPHECY OF THE SECOND COMING. On his return, he shares the vision briefly with John the elder and then finally passes on. However, he remains in contact with his pupil (see Ch 1 v 2/3 'having the ear') and together using channelled communication, they complete the Third Book of the Apocalypse and what John calls 'the Revelation of Jesus the Christ'. Verse 4 indicates that even in these times. John still works directly with those in this vision and assists them because, 'he knows them of old'. The miraculous reappearance of this text alone is proof enough of this promise!

6. John is taken in spirit to a 'Tabernacle' - a tent or Holy place, where he is bathed in light.

7. A powerful directive to all aware people to communicate spiritual Truth in these times of great change.

8. Comet Austin was visible from Earth during the declaration of Second Coming in April 1990 and having fulfilled its purpose on Earth, will not return. 'Its two appearances were designated to link the perfect union of energy between the time when the Master Jesus took on the Christ consciousness and now, when it is given to the people of Earth'.

9. All those in the vision across the planet who observe these teachings are also blessed.

10 - 14. The Aquarian Cross, symbol of Christ consciousness, is raised on a staff at Glastonbury. All in the vision of the Second Coming of the SPIRIT of Jesus Christ are raised into the new awareness, where they receive wisdom and knowledge enabling them to teach and communicate throughout the planet.

15. The new consciousness will be initiated on Earth through SPIRIT COMMUNICATION, in whatever form of subtle, intuitive contact is appropriate. Christ conscious humans will work in close attunement with the spirit and the subtle energy body of Mother Earth, in order to promote healing and responsible husbandry. Sudden and inexplicable political and social transformation also occurs as the Earth energy frequencies are raised by spiritually aware groups, who thus 'starve' of energy the negative forces of control and fear.

16. The mark of the beast is any symbol denoting our allegiance to mammon and its decaying financial structures. A clear warning to develop a more equitable exchange trading system to replace capitalism.

17. A Symbolism of purity. Those in the vision will recognise each other by the light in their auras.

18. Reference to the full awakening of the 144,000 to their true purpose. They will spread the word, realign the energy grid of the Earth and thus restore the divinity of mankind and the planet.

19. Spiritually aware humans will not be restricted in this work by mortal form and will use the 'miraculous' powers of the spirit to fulfill their purpose. The tenth planet is the symbolic source of wisdom to the Earth - it is hidden, just as wisdom has been hidden from the Earth

20. Those qualifying to remain on Earth will be guided by Beings in the higher realms to live in total love and harmony in the garden of Eden restored.

Chapter 8

For this chapter a verse by verse comparison with Ch 22 of the authorised version of the Book of Revelations in the bible is recommended.

1. Knowing ourselves as spiritual beings in order to enter the higher dimensions.

2. Paradise is the garden of Eden, where there is no Earthly time, because no darkness or night exist there (verse 5). It is permanently illuminated by the spiritual light, so we shall only be aware of time in relation to monthly cycles of nature. The Tree of Life refers to the state of bliss within paradise and it is this which will keep 'the Peace of Nations'.

3. As we move beyond duality, we shall realise that the Christ is the essence of God within man and that the Divine infuses every atom and molecule within the consciousness of ONE. Ch 22 verse 3 omits any reference to 'being ONE in the glory of the Father'.

4. We shall recognise the face of God in each other.

6. Final directions to those in the vision to be faithful and true

7. First reference to the timing of 'Second Coming'.

9. All are equal, whether in a spiritual or physical body, so only the common factor uniting us all - the GODFORCE - is to be venerated. We are not to worship each other, but instead to be 'at one' with one another and all creation.

10 & 11. A clear directive to all those resonating with the information in this work to take personal responsibility for communicating it far and wide. However, conversion of people in the manner of religious evangelism is unnecessary, as those drawn to the light will need no coercion. Ch 22 verse 10 significantly omits 'that all wisdom shall be known', while verse 11 excludes 'That we shall know our brethren by their sign'.

12. A second reference to the timing of Second Coming and the announcement of the comet's presence overhead (both references omitted in Ch 22). There will be great rejoicing in spirit as all those working in the vision on Earth are raised up.

15. Those initiated into Divine love will remain in the higher dimensional reality. Ch 22 omits the first half of the verse.

16. A clear explanation that the Second Coming of the Spirit of Jesus is the acceptance of the Christ consciousness in all open human hearts at this time. Ch 22 verse 16 bears no resemblance.

17. Ch 22 verse 17 omits all reference to sharing divine love with the Father in paradise.

18 & 19. A directive, long ignored by Christianity, NOT to change the 'received' word. Ch 22 verse 19 omits reference to 'not sharing the eternal gift of paradise and bliss'. To have included this stern directive in a chapter that has otherwise been so abridged is extraordinarily deceitful!

20. The third and final warning as to the timing of Second Coming. All three references in this chapter were withdrawn by the church.

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