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Rising out of Chaos
Wholistic World Vision's charitable programme and annual Appeal

Rising Out of Chaos by Simon Peter Fuller

Rising Out of Chaos
Themes and Topics

The 7 Planetary Chakras and the
12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem

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Rising Out of Chaos provides a broad overview of the historical, geographical and metaphysical connections between the "first" and "second" coming of the unified (Christ) consciousness.

Historically and geographically, it traces the journey of Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, as first guardian of the Holy Grail from Palestine to Glastonbury (UK) in approximately 36 A.D.

Metaphysically, by birthing the Christ child within us, it emphasizes that the "second" coming is the awakening of the awareness of the unified consciousness within the human race and NOT the return of any specific individual as a saviour figure who could again be mistakenly deified by a disempowered humanity. Now is the time for those ready to graduate from Christianity to Christ consciousness.

Identification of the GENTILE "lost" tribes of Israel, especially the long-prophecied current spiritual roles of the USA (Manasseh) and UK (Ephraim) in heralding the New Awareness through the English language - The Celtic diaspora from the UK over the last 200 years and the explosion of Celtic culture throughout the English-speaking world during the 1990s.

'That the House of Judah can no longer claim sole representation of 'ISRAEL'. The word means 'true to God' and describes a Universal state of consciousness represented by all spiritually mature members of the human race. Whether Jew or Gentile - and now numbering hundreds of millions -these people are already scattered across the face of the Earth preparing a 'NEW' Jerusalem 'within'. The establishment of a higher dimensional 'Israel' on Earth is an infinitely greater prize than a violent struggle for territorial supremacy in Palestine - and the fulfillment of this attainable ideal IS no less than the salvation of humanity and this planet!'.

How spirit has played a direct partnership role with WWV in guidance through Gandhi and Churchill that produced, among much else, the miraculous restoration of "missing" chapters of the Book of Revelation. There are now numerous examples of Spirit intervening directly in our modern communication technology to prepare those aware enough for the dramatic shifts in consciousness now open to us.

How Hopi, Mayan, and Cathar prophecies among others, are an integral part of the unfolding Aquarian vision.

The mysterious role of Crop Circles which are mainly focused around Glastonbury, UK, and how they relate specifically to the emergence of the Christ Consciousness as awakening symbols for the whole of humanity.

The Keys to Heaven---the teachings of Ancient Wisdom and immutable Universal Laws governing all of creation and encompassing the seven dimensions of reality.

How the individual Ascension of our consciousness from 3rd to 4th dimensional reality is achieved through INNER work on the Self (mind, body and spirit), EXPRESSING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, attuning to the living consciousness of Mother Earth, and by committed personal service to the highest good of the human family.

How "Usury" (charging interest) is the cancer of capitalism which is now in its terminal stages, and how the vision of a new and equitable exchange system will empower and liberate all humanity.

How 'Councils of Wisdom' will soon replace the sterile ideology of 'left & right wing' politics perpetuated by spiritually immature 'career politicians', as crucial and radical decisions now need to be made urgently for the very SURVIVAL of this race and planet.

How Wholistic World Vision came into existence and its communications role in the spiritual re-education of the human race. How its global mission plays an important part in organising mass mind linking to raise consciousness.

The 7 Planetary Chakras and the
12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem

The activation of the 12 Gates of New Jerusalem is described in the book - 'The Aeon Shift ritual' - involving the movement of the Aquarian Cross from old Jerusalem to Glastonbury (UK) in 1990 and how this event contributed towards the ending of the old Piscean Age and the initiation of the new Aquarian dispensation. This highly significant journey of the new Cross - and other journeys subsequently around the globe - are shown to have had a profound effect in many troubled regions. Explanation of why nothing further of spiritual significance can ever occur in 'old' Jerusalem - other than to declare and operate it as a neutral and non-denominational 'City of Peace' shared equally by all the religions still projecting onto it emotionally. A fitting final tribute to the sanctity of this revered planetary powersite that has for too long been a human battleground.

How recent power site activations and grid re-alignments have brought about major social and political changes, e.g. South Africa, the fall of communist empires, German reunification, Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Bosnia and Peru etc.

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