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Spiritual tours in India


Heart-centered, Spiritual Geomancy

The Powersite pilgrimage programme offered by Wholistic World Vision is based on the understanding that whenever a like-minded group of people come together synchronistically in service with open hearts, then Nature responds and magic happens!  Awake and aware humans are "the Beings that walk between the worlds" and the Divine Will flows through them manifesting whatever geomantic adjustments are required at subtle levels on the powersites and in the energy grids. We don't need to understand intellectually, impose techniques or prove anything - just to be fully present, surrendered, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve. 

In order to achieve the highest frequency we can contribute to this work, those travelling together are called to give of their best by being as conscious, heart-centered and respectful to each other and Nature as possible. Some twenty years of practical experience working globally in this relaxed and gentle way speaks for itself with a rich harvest of phenomenal experiences, as well as personal upliftment and healing for those willing to enter deeply into the spiritual ethos of what is offered.

In a stressed and outwardly chaotic world, let mother Nature restore you to health and balance and delight in your reconnection with her.


Spiritual tours in India


- a Unity Consciousness Retreat at Tiruvannamalai, near Chennai in India
26 January - 4 February, 2011

Mt Arunachala
Mount Arunachala with a white cross and purple heart

We invite you to join Wholistic World Vision's third visit to Mt. Arunachala - a world renowned powersite in south east India - focusing on the vibrant and tangible energy of this hill of light that by tradition is "in the form of God". The significance of this beacon is: the rejection of the "I am the body" idea by merging the mind into the heart to realize the Self as a non-dual Being and the light of all.

Temple of the eternal sunrise, Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu

TIRUVANNAMALAI ranks as one of the five holiest towns of Tamil Nadu, synonymous with the fifth Hindu element of fire. The name means "Red Mountain" which refers to Mt Arunachala and its "unearthly" crimson colour in the dawn light. Mythology identifies the mountain as the place where Shiva asserted his power over Brahma and Vishnu by manifesting himself as a lingham of fire or Agnilingam. The event is commemorated annually at the Nov/Dec full moon Kartiggai Festival and is known as the "Pradakshana" (the most auspicious of the monthly full moon circumambulations of the mountain). The town is full of shrines, sacred tanks, ashrams and paved pilgrim paths scattered around the mountain, but the main focus is undoubtedly the vast Arunachaleshvara Temple - "Temple of the Eternal Sunrise". Over 1,000 years in the building, this enormous complex consists of three concentric courtyards and it is here that Bagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi sat in a state of supreme Awareness while ants feasted on his flesh! His gift to humanity was the demonstration of a perfectly integrated consciousness while still in body in accordance with the ancient teachings of "Advaita" (non-duality).

The concept of "one-ness" is on everyone's lips these days, yet New Age and religious dualistic teachings of self-empowerment, personal responsibility, choice, freewill, intentions etc. simply inflate ego and drive us still further into separation. By contrast the very nature of Unity consciousness is itself the proof that in a world of one-ness no separate, illusory "self" can possibly exist! As impersonal instruments of the collective Divine Will, our only option is graceful acceptance of our unique, but destined role within the precisely choreographed play of life where all is already "known". Once Ego surrenders, there is only Beingness, deep inner peace and liberation - a far less anxious way to live life as "it" unfolds! As long prophesied, a critical mass is to experience Mastery in these times of the second Coming of Christ consciousness: so, let us explore this, the most ancient philosophy of all known as "the final truth and ultimate understanding".


In the words of Ramana Maharshi:

"The Ordainer controls the fate of souls in accordance with their destiny.
Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen.
Whatever is destined to happen will happen, try as you may to prevent it. This much is certain.
The best course therefore is to remain silent.
We are not the mind or the body, but the eternal self that transcends both."

Retreat house Retreat house
Tiru Farm guest house

The location this time for our "Retreat" is the newly constructed "Tiru Farm Guest House" in a tranquil countryside setting with superb views of Mt Arunachala about 10 kms from Tiruvannamalai. Our local English contact, John - who has much inspired our guests with his many local initiatives - somehow recently managed (in only 6 months!) to work with his local farming friends and convert their smallholding into tourist accommodation. It can cater for up to 20 guests in simple rooms with washing facilities, a cafe, esoteric library - plus the expansion of the computer school he initiated some years ago for poor local village children! This will be our base for a relaxed program designed to facilitate inward integration - none of which is compulsory! On offer will be Meditation, Agni Hotra sunrise/sunset sacred fire, Satsangs, Song & Dance, Healings, country walks including meeting (and working with) the locals and, above all, peace and quiet and time to relax deeply in simple and beautiful surroundings. Transport can easily (and cheaply) be arranged for the 20 minute journey into Tiru, where there are shops, restaurants, internet cafes and tourist facilities as well as many ashrams and powerful Hindu temples. During our stay we shall also offer a program of local excursions and the ascent and/or circumambulation of the holy Mt Arunachala.

Agnihotra ceremony
Agnihotra fire ceremony


Day 1 (26/1). Meet at CHENNAI (Madras) International Airport at midday followed by a 4 hour transfer to the Tiru Farm Guest House.

Days 2 - 7. A free-flowing program determined day by day by participants based on the options mentioned above.

Day 8 (3/2). We visit the spectacular Moghul Hillfort of GINGEE and - on the outskirts of Chennai - the cave of the apostle St Thomas. Airport drop off from 6pm and airport hotel accommodation can be arranged for those leaving next day (4/2).

Maria and John
Our local guide John Wragg and Maria

Staying on in Tiru is an option for those requiring a longer experience of its uniquely transformational potential.

The tour is based on half board (vegetarian breakfast and dinner daily) between 26/1 - 3/2. Lunch is available on the Farm or in town. Airport transfers are included, but local transport and any excursions (with entrance fees, guiding and tipping) are extra. No alcohol or smoking on the Farm premises. The tour guides are Maria Rosenlind - a well known and respected healer, psychic and teacher from Sweden (www.hope-of-avalon.com -Swedish) and Simon Peter Fuller. Both will offer non-duality pointers during satsangs, energy attunements and personal support as needed.

COST: Indian Rupees 38,500 (sterling equivalent £550 - at current exchange rate of 70Rs to £1 in mid-2010)

DEPOSIT: £200 secures your place until the final balance is due 8 weeks prior to departure (1 December/2010)

RESERVATIONS: Wholistic World Vision - simonpeter@wwv.me.uk

NB. Refunds only if a replacement is found or if the tour is cancelled for unforeseen reasons.

For those on an independent itinerary, the famous 'Golden Triangle' of Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal) and Jaipur are some of the best known attractions to experience more of this fascinating country. Regular daily flights from Chennai to anywhere in India.

Those wishing to join our Tour of Sri Lanka (Feb 9-16, 2011) can fly with us from Chennai to Colombo on Feb 4th and then have a few days rest at a beach resort in between. During this time, we are also inviting guests to visit the (Wholistic World Vision supported) Don Bosco Orphanage at Negomboand/or the Sarvodaya a NGO in Colombo, where some of our tour party will be offering healing sessions for abandoned babies, traumatized children and disadvantaged adults. You are welcome to join in!

Two boys

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