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Spiritual and Sacred Power Site Tours

Heart-centered, Spiritual Geomancy

The Powersite pilgrimage programme offered by Wholistic World Vision is based on the understanding that whenever a like-minded group of people come together synchronistically in service with open hearts, then Nature responds and magic happens!  Awake and aware humans are "the Beings that walk between the worlds" and the Divine Will flows through them manifesting whatever geomantic adjustments are required at subtle levels on the powersites and in the energy grids. We don't need to understand intellectually, impose techniques or prove anything - just to be fully present, surrendered, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve. 

In order to achieve the highest frequency we can contribute to this work, those travelling together are called to give of their best by being as conscious, heart-centered and respectful to each other and Nature as possible. Some twenty years of practical experience working globally in this relaxed and gentle way speaks for itself with a rich harvest of phenomenal experiences, as well as personal upliftment and healing for those willing to enter deeply into the spiritual ethos of what is offered.

In a stressed and outwardly chaotic world, let mother Nature restore you to health and balance and delight in your reconnection with her.


SPIRITUAL TOUR OF CAMBODIA (Angkor & beyond) - the 12/12/12 Portal
with Simon Peter Fuller and Kate Herbert
7-15 December 2012

Kate Herbert
Kate Herbert

Her early life as an RAF child prepared Kate for the future travel and diversity in her life. Libya and Malaysia were two countries prominent in her childhood. As an adult she became a biology and environmental studies lecturer at a local Further Education College in multicultural Rochdale. Before this she was a community development officer for an environmental charity. After a sabbatical year in El Salvador living in a mud hut in a rural community and working for the Institute of Permaculture, she realised she had taken a new path in life. A three year sojourn at Findhorn in Scotland was a huge spiritual education after the awakening that had preceded it. Kate has been an energy healer for 7 years, a massage therapist for 3 and is currently studying Vibrational Medicine. She was unexpectedly taught earth healing techniques by a stranger when she went on holiday to Spain, 3 years ago. Not quite the sunshine, sea and sand relaxation expected, but totally amazing nevertheless! The countries previously visited by her include Peru, Cambodia, Lao, Borneo and Slovakia. Being passionate about people, love, respect and nature and all the ways those four connect is her raison d'etre. Soon to move to the powersite of Hebden Bridge in the Pennines, she is looking forward to taking her integrated healing skills to the community and beyond. . . . .

Click here for Simon Peter Fuller's bio.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat


We have planned this programme specifically to channel the potent incoming energies of the 12/12/12 portal for healing and transmutation of the ravages on Cambodia and her people during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Come visit the stunning temples of Angkor, a Mayan pyramid, holy water sources and shrines of North-Western Cambodia. Amidst lush rainforest and paddy fields, immerse yourself in the warmth, diversity, resilience and devotion of this incredible country and its people. Allow yourself to tumble into the pool at the end of a day's discovery before winding down for a traditional Khmer evening with a like-minded group.

Day 1 (7/12/12)

Arrive and acclimatise at our delightful Siem Reap hotel, our home for the journey of inner and outer discovery.

Day 2 (8/12/12)
Welcome and introduction by Kate at the hotel.

Siem Reap Siem Reap
Siem Reap

Tuk, tuk tour to see the everyday devotion of the Khmer people and the city that supports the temple complex. Siem Reap has a beautiful languid river, pagodas, temples and tree-lined streets. After lunch meditation at the Peace Café. Then more exploration. . .

Day 3 (9/12/12)

Angkor Wat
Sunrise at Angkor Watt, courtesy sacredsites.com

Today we pick up our tickets for the temples and make a visit to the massive Angkor Wat, visiting the largest storyboards ever, including the elephant terrace and finishing with the faces of the Bayon in the late afternoon light.

Day 4 (10/12/12)
Grandeur and majesty are apparent even though these further afield sites are less visited and well-maintained. To Koh Ker we go, the ancient capital of Cambodia. Taking an ox cart tour of the temples we spend a little longer at Prasat Thom, a mysteriously placed red sandstone Mayan temple. Beng Melea, a temple site in ruination, with nature run riot on a scale of Angkor Wat proportions, will be explored too.


Day 5 (11/12/12)
The sacred mountain of South East Asia, Phnom Kulen, is our pilgrimage site. We see holy springs, holy men, lingas, a giant reclining Buddha and surging waterfalls with tempting pools.

Angkor Wat
Phnom Kulen holy man

Day 6 (12/12/12)
Ta Prohm temple is the sleepy laid-back testament to the power of nature. Its dappled shadows, crumbling towers and walls; locked by the embrace of magnificent trees, is a nature lover's dream. Unbeatable for ambience, especially as we will be there to welcome the awakening of the sun. An Agni Hotra fire and meditation is planned for this significant date.

Angkor Wat
Temple of Ta Prohm

And at full noon, a half hour meditation at Ankor Wat temple, to pay full respect to the heart and soul of Cambodia, in the world's largest religious structure.

Day 7 (13/12/12)

Ta Prohm temple Ta Prohm temple
Prasat Preah Vihear

It's the Thai-Cambodian border today for breath-taking views of the Cambodian lowlands and a very unusual temple. Prasat Preah Vihear was the last stand of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge. Here he was finally defeated by the Vietnamese. No words can capture the beauty and situation of this fated place. Nor the feel of Ta Mok's house, near Anlong Veng. Ta Mok was second- in-command in the Khmer Rouge.

Day 8 (14/12/12)

Angkor Wat
Angkor Thom gate

Starting at Kbal Spean where ancient Hindu rock carvings on the river bed create the Holy Water at this mountain retreat which then flows into Angkor. It is rumoured that tigers lived here at the "River of a Thousand Lingas", as little as 30 years ago. Our final temple is Banteay Srei, the "citadel of women", which completes our Cambodian 2012 tour. The rose-pink sandstone temple is a bijou, exquisitely-carved jewel. A fitting tribute to divine femininity, and the women who dwelt there.

Day 9 (15/12/12)
Farewells and transport to Siem Reap airport.

This is an 8-night tour based on B&B and four hotel dinners; transport, including to and from Siem Reap airport, and guiding included. Site entrance fees are extra and about £60 needs to be allowed for this. We will be staying in a lovely hotel with swimming pool that is tourist class and very comfortable.

Price is £800 with optional single supplement of £200 (limited). £200 (non-refundable deposit) is needed at the time of booking to secure your place and the balance of £600 payable by Friday 5 October, 2012.

Arrangements for flights to Siem Reap to be booked by the guest. Advice on routes and current prices available from Kate Herbert. Comprehensive insurance is recommended.

In these changing times a surcharge may need to be added in the event of exchange rate and fuel price increases. Prices quoted to date based on exchange rate of £1-$1.53.

RESERVATIONS - email Kate Herbert



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