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Wholistic World Vision has run a very successful series of Cathar tours since 1990 and they continue to be led by
Isobel Denham of Wholistic World Vision, France, but only when tour numbers justify
(minimum 15-20 paying people required if you can organise a group).


Heart-centered, Spiritual Geomancy

"The Powersite pilgrimage programme is based on the understanding that whenever groups of like-minded people come together synchronistically, in service, with open hearts, then Nature responds and magic happens!  Awake and aware humans are "the Beings that walk between the worlds" and the ivine Will flows through them, manifesting whatever geomantic adjustments are required at subtle levels on the powersites and in the energy grids. We don't need to understand intellectually, impose techniques or prove anything - just to be fully present, surrendered, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve. 

In a stressed and outwardly chaotic world, let mother Nature restore you to health and balance and delight in your reconnection with her." Simon Peter Fuller.


Montsegur Castle
Montsegur Castle

Join us on a 7 day guided tour of sacred and historical sites associated with 'the Four Heresies' in south west France. These enlightening and good value tours continue to attract much support and unfailing praise!

Here is an opportunity to visit 'the Land of Heresy': The Albigensians, Templars, Troubadors and Black Madonnas, the Grail and early Protestantism; time to absorb the echoes of that 13th century flowering of a noble culture in Europe, which embraced Christian, Gnostic, Jewish and Muslim ideals and which venerated the 'Feminine Ethic'; time to wonder at that thread of consciousness whose origins predate Christianity and whose traces are now reawakening - as predicted by the Cathars themselves over 700 years ago!

Come and visit the Languedoc (the language of Occ), be beguiled by it's incredible beauty and honour, a sacred landscape that inspired the 'spiritual' Renaissance a century before it emerged as a cultural movement in Northern Italy. The 'dualistic' Cathar philosophy - associated with the Bogomils of the East - and said to have emerged simultaneously across large parts of 12th and 13th century Europe - eventually established its main influence in the Languedoc region of south west France, where it was ruthlessly persecuted (almost to extinction) by the Roman church. Our itineray also includes some of the famous Black Madonnas and Magdalene images celebrated in this region. We cannot guarantee access, because these 'heretical' images of 'the goddess and Oneness with the universe', are always threatened by the church and sometimes locked away for 'safe keeping' - even stolen! However, we keep an eye on them and a good number are usually on view.

Isobel Denham Isobel was born at the end of WWII in London's East End of an Irish-Jewish-mongrel heritage and grew up with a keen awareness of social injustice and genocide. She was drawn to Bosnia Herzegovinia in 1994 when the Bosnian 'War' was at its height taking up an invitation from Bosnian women to join a series of Peace Conferences in war torn Bosnia called 'Through Heart to Peace'. Their commitment was to non-violence and living in harmony with their neighbours, whilst under threat of extermination. She became involved with and managed the Bosnian Holidays project, which provided times of respite for highly traumatized children, young people and women survivors at a project Centre in the French Languedoc region and later, in England. In the past, funds were raised for the project in collaboration with Wholistic World Vision's renowned 'Cathar Tours'. During her time in the Languedoc, where she still lives, she has acquired much knowledge of this region's heretical history and culture.

Recent feedback:

"Isobel, I have been thinking a lot lately about the impact the Cathar Tour had on me and I can't thank you enough for all you did to make it so." Irene.

"I have found a piece of my soul". Tina

"Life changing! Thank you, Isobel".


Medieval minstrels, Carcassone
Medieval minstrels, Carcassone

Old City of Carcassone (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Day 1
Early afternoon pick up at Carcassonne airport or Rail station and drive some 90 minutes north to our atmospheric Chambres D'Hote accommodation in/near LAUTREC, where we spend the first three nights.

Day 2
After an introduction and briefing, we drive to the imposing town of ALBI for sightseeing with time to explore the huge red brick cathedral - built to symbolise the church's power over the 'Albigensian heresy', the basilica of St Salvi, the Toulouse Lautrec art gallery and the city's river banks and picturesque streets. After lunch we continue to Notre Dame de la Dreche to see a Black Madonna and the tranquil Roman healing Spring. Return to LAUTREC to enjoy the charm of the village.

Albi Cathedral
Albi Cathedral

Day 3
Drive to nearby MAZAMET to visit the controversial "Museum of Catharism", beautifully and lovingly presented by the best of local researchers based on 'historical facts' - rather than romantic contemporary Grail theories! Picnic lunch nearby in HAUTPOUL - a medieval and picturesque former Cathar community on a hilltop with a Visigoth castle ruin. Continue to the burial site of 11 noble Cathar women at the ruined chapel of St Julianne on a hilltop, where Catharism lived and thrived. The site was only recently discovered and partially restored.


Day 4
Travelling south over the Black Mountains, we drive to LASTOURS - a steep climb to Cabaret, Surdespine and Quertinheux and a spectacular mountainside setting for three ruined castles associated with the Cathars. In the first decade of the 12th century Cabaret had become Languedoc's foremost Troubador shrine in the pilgrimage of 'courtly love'. After a picnic lunch we continue to CARCASSONNE to see this fine example of a (restored) medieval fortified city - seat of the Trencavel family, defenders of the Cathar heretics. Later, we continue to our hotel, near Rennes-le-Chateau for the next 4 nights stay.

Rennes le Chateau church
Rennes Le Chateau Church

Day 5
We drive to AIGNE - the medieval 'snail village' built in a spiral - where we work with powerful vortex energies and visit the church with its Black Madonna and the artists galleries.


Continue to nearby MINERVE to explore this fortified town sited dramatically on cliffs at the juncture of two gorges, where 140 'Parfaits' were burned as Heretics on the feast day of Mary Magdalene in 1210.

Day 6


We drive through lovely mountain scenery (1 hour) to MONTSEGUR - the famed Cathar citadel of last resistance. In 1244, after a 10 month siege, 200 'heretics' chose death by burning rather than submit to Roman Catholic tyranny. Prepare for a steep climb through woods to the castle ruins set against dramatic Pyrenees mountain scenery. If accessible, we also see the small Black Madonna in the Montsegur village church. After a picnic lunch, we view the famous Black Madonna of Sabarthes (visited by the Pope in 1952!) in a Renaissance chapel traditionally founded by Charlemagne in 788 on defeating the Saracens at this spot.

Continue to the nearby world renowned GROTTE DE NIAUX, for a moving journey (1,000 metres underground!) into the distant past to see traces and fine wall paintings of our ancestors dating from the Magdalenian period (14,000 years ago). Drive back to our hotel for dinner (about 2 hours)

Grotte de Niaux

Day 7
In the morning we explore the ancient town of Alet-les-Bains with it's Nostradamus connections. Lunch and sightseeing at RENNES-LE-CHATEAUX - the former Visigoth capital of the region. This enigmatic small hilltop village has more recently - especially since the DaVinci Code - become a focus for 'Grail searchers'! We visit Abbe Sauniere's grave (removed from consecrated ground by the Roman Church), the Tour Magdala and the unique, symbol-laden church. A conspiracy paradise!

Day 8  
Morning return transfer and drop off at CARCASSONNE rail station  and transfer to Toulouse airport by direct public bus service.  Tour ends.

Isobel Denham is also offering other regular powersite tours in France/Spain - including to Provence for the Mary Magdalene and the Grail sites, plus Britanny and Catalunya - ask for more details: isobel0712@yahoo.com


ACCOMMODATION & TRANSPORT: In comfortable and atmospheric accommodation. Rooms with private facilities.

PRICE: dependant on uptake and quoted in Euros per person in shared accommodation. Single supplement available (limited). Price includes Bed and Breakfast plus transport and guiding. Air fares, all entrance fees and main meals are extra.

DEPOSIT: Required to hold your place. Balance due in full 8 weeks prior to departure.

NB. REFUNDS. Only available for the deposit and final balance if your place is subsequently sold (insurance advised!).

By email to Wholistic World Vision, France, e-mail: isobel0712@yahoo.com

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